Thank You Winnipeg!

Kelekis Restaurant is now closed. Jan 31, 2013

Last night at 7pm, we made the last order of fries, turned off the grills, and said goodbye to a wonderful part of all our lives. It has been an amazing last two months... since announcing we would be closing we have been swamped with friends, relatives, media, and everyone else wanting to have one last hot dog, fries, coleslaw or Yaleburger.

Thank you to everyone who waited patiently in line for a seat, came back for another try when it was just too busy to even get in the front door, or decided to order take-out!

Mary and Jimmy are very happily sleeping in today and enjoying a much deserved day off. Once they have rested up, and have taken the time to write someting up for us, we will post it online for everyone to read. For now though, enjoy this video we took of the last fries being made (and enjoyed!) by Barbara Hall, whose mother Evelyn was the legendary fry-maker in the family.

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